The Lakeside City of Holland, Michigan

Visitors looking for new destinations in Michigan will be delighted to discover the lakeside city of Holland. This blog will introduce readers to the many fascinating things to see and do in the area. Exciting articles will cover the Windmill Island Gardens, Mount Pisgah Dune Boardwalk, the Veldheer Tulip Garden, Tunnel Park, and the Holland Princess. In addition, tourists will enjoy reading about the lovely beaches in Holland and where to get the best views of Lake Michigan. For those who want local food, there is lots of advice on the farmers' markets, which are a feature of the city of Holland.

Holland Bowl Mill

24 Mar 2022

One of America’s last traditional wood mills, the Holland Bowl Mill produces high-quality wooden goods. Primarily known for its hardwood bowls, the mill makes its wares from maple, beech, oak, and walnut logs harvested from the vast forests of Michigan. All products are hand-crafted, just as they were a century ago.

The Holland Princess

15 Feb 2022

A popular attraction in the city is the Holland Princess, an old-style riverboat that offers day excursions (both public and private) on scenic Lake Macatawa and majestic Lake Michigan. The paddle-wheel boat provides spectacular views of the entire area, including several picturesque lakeside mansions and Michigan's iconic 'Big Red' lighthouse.

Tunnel Park

11 Jan 2022

Famous for its sunsets, Tunnel Park derives its name from a tunnel that extends under the sand dunes and eventually opens on the shore of Lake Michigan. Sitting on 22 acres of land, the park is ideal for day trips. Visitors can swim, picnic and sunbathe, or simply watch the sun go down.

Windmill Island Gardens

27 Nov 2021

Perhaps the most iconic landmark in Holland, Michigan, is Windmill Island Gardens. Visitors can see America’s only authentic Dutch windmill, affectionately known as ‘De Zwaan’ (‘The Swan’). Erected in 1964 after being transported all the way from the Netherlands, the windmill remains in use today, grinding locally-produced wheat into flour.